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oooHomebuyers need to be prepared, plan carefully, embrace negotiation and exercise patience. Getting pre-approved with a mortgage broker or lender to find out how much you can afford is an obvious first move. Pre-approved buyers know exactly how much they can borrow, and they have an easier time negotiating with sellers. Make sure that you're comfortable with the size and kind of mortgage you use to make the purchase.

oooTo keep from overpaying, you need to research the local market carefully. Some of today's home-sale transactions require several rounds of counteroffers to reach a mutually agreeable purchase contract. Standing firm on your price can be a viable negotiating strategy. Make sure that your contract includes an inspection contingency, even if you find yourself in competition. Buyers often wonder how they'll know a good deal when they see it. The key to understanding local pricing is to look at a lot of property. Find out what the listings you liked sold for and keep a record of this information.

oooMaintain relative calm during the process of buying a home because there are many details that need attending to during a real estate transaction. The key to reducing stress during the transaction is to stay personally involved with the choices that you and the agent make together, and to keep an open flow of communication. Knowledge is power. Don't hesitate to ask for an explanation if you have any questions.


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"The best deals are made between buyers and sellers who are motivated."

ooo Motivated sellers usually prepare their homes for sale before putting them on the market because first impressions are lasting. Conducting an open house is a great way to balance your marketing plan. Public open houses provide additional market exposure that in some cases will result in a sale. Evaluate your marketing plan to make sure that it provides full exposure to every possible customer, locally, nationally, and internationally. The property should be advertised in the local multiple listing service, newspapers and on the Internet. There's no chance of receiving multiple offers and a higher price if only one buyer sees the property.

oooThe market is dynamic, not static, as market factors change, so will the value of your home. To find current market value, compare the list price and amenities of your home with similar listings in your area that have sold. Buyers pay what they perceive is market value. A successful sale requires accurate pricing for the market; everything sells at the right price.

oooThe most important factor may be your choice in a real estate professional, one who has strategic negotiating skills, allegiance to the client, and a strong, personalized marketing plan for your home.


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